“Empathy” Is All They Need

17 November 2023 17:44 Di tulis oleh Admin ARTIKEL “Empathy” Is All They Need

More than a week after Israel imposed a “complete siege” and cut off entry of supplies to Gaza, people in the territory are facing an unprecedented crisis.

Hundreds of thousands in the north of the Gaza Strip have fled their homes after Israel issued an evacuation order in preparation for an expected ground invasion – but they have nowhere safe to go to.

The world, the people, and the social media are starting to insanely having a war between who’s wrong and who’s right. and it is because of the war between Israel and Palestine. What is their purpose? and why? What do you actually want? It is the thoughts that are always lingering on people’s heads who actually CARE about THEM or as known as the PALESTINIANS. For many years they’ve been suffering and sacrificed themself, their family, their friends, because of the things that don't just make any sense to them and the Israelians are certainly playing victim to them??? And of course they can’t just sit and hope for help that comes from the sky, they shed blood and tears for  having freedom for their country, for not losing their family again, and for Justiceness. 


‘True massacre’: Gaza children death toll crosses 4,000 as raids intensify. 

Israel’s military claims it has cut Gaza in half, and surrounded Gaza City.

They need our voice, our justiceness, our humanity, and our Empathy. Today, we must renew and strengthen our efforts to change these realities.